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10 June 2017


What a pleasure to host Andrea Macchi, winner in 14 hours and 12 minutes of the most prestigious DXT, the 103 km! Yesterday on his arrival at reception he told us he would have tried it: that said! He and his accidental escape companion Emanuele Ludovisi left all behind them, helping each other, encouraging each other, chatting (yes, so he told us) to better face the effort of 103 kilometers between cliffs , Dolomitic forks, trails with frightening slopes, frozen snowfields, most of time in the night. Two opponents who decide to collaborate and that’s exactly what they did, showing an exemplary sports spirit. Because that’s true Sport: no matter who cut the finish line first, they came together and arrived side-by-side. Thanks also to all our other guests who competed in the various distances, for us heroic only for joining the race: Wolfgang Reiter (GER), Luca Spada of team Eolo, Luc and Julien Steens (BEL), Bram Blondelle (BEL ), Bjorn Kronholm (NED), Bobby Dekema (NED), Everard Bongenaar (NED), Luc & Julien Steens (BEL), Bjorn Kronholm (FIN), Giancarlo Giust, Luca Pinato, Matteo D’Orazi, Guerrino Marcolin, and the brave Ida Kronholm (FIN). Congratulations to all DXT athletes and organizers!